Useful plumbing information for the consumer! Please do check back often, we will update with more information. A little knowledge can save you time, hassle and money! If you wish to share suggestions or for further help or guidance please feel free to contact MTDP.



Please be aware of main valve for water shut-off at your property (water meter will be located nearby) in addition fixtures and appliances such as sinks or toilets may have specific shut-off valves. For emergency purposes and in general, residents should be advised therefore please indicate these features with clear markings or directions to alleviate property damage, hassle and expense.



Pipes will expand (friction/pressure) to allow hot water to circulate more efficiently therefore you may find piping detached or grinding against wall hangers, this may inevitably cause damage to pipes, to prevent such cases please apply some basic tape to affected areas and place piping firmly back in wall hangers.



Should you find clogged pipes, please try to use enzyme based pipe cleaners, these have natural bacteria which react with sludge to form a liquid solution, making it much easier to eradicate. Enzyme based pipe cleaners are highly recommended!



No need to wait for a plumbing issue before you worry about sourcing a plumber, 50% of the time you can fix slow-draining or clogged basins, bath and shower drains at source within ten or so inexpensive minutes! In most cases you may only require a stiff wire which needs to be reshaped like a fish hook before utilising in affected areas to unclog a combination of hair and residue which builds up in and around the crossbar. Please repeat procedure if required.